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Who is Neeraj Yadav?

Hello, I am Neeraj Yadav, I am a professional web developer and digital entrepreneur. I really like the world of coding, the internet, and tech. I love learning and learning things related to this field. That’s why I am helping people to learn coding through this website.

Let me tell you a little about myself when I was only 8 years old, my father had brought the first computer to my house, from there my interest gradually increased in the computer world. Like all small children play games as soon as they get a computer or mobile phone, in the same way, I used to look for games on my father’s computer. One day I got a game called Mario, it may be that many of you used to play a lot in childhood. I used to play this game a lot, but after a few days, my computer got damaged one day, since then I have never been able to play this game. But my interest still remained in computers and gadgets.


I belong to Sillot, a small village in India. I completed my 8th standard in the government school in the village itself.
After studying high school, I came to Betul. Betul is a district of Madhya Pradesh. I completed my studies from 9th to 12th from the School of Excellence Betul. When I was in 11th class, my father got me a laptop, due to which the computer worm inside me woke up again and I entered the computer world again.

I have been curious to know about the internet since childhood since now I had a laptop, so I started reading and learning about web development technology. When I passed out from school, I had the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


  • Playing Cricket
  • Coding
  • Photography
  • Travelling

About this website

I have created this website for those students who have an interest in coding and technology. I want to help them by sharing my skills with them. Through this website, I want to provide knowledge on subjects like coding, technology, digital marketing, social media, information technology, etc. to people.

Content on this website:-

I am on my mission, I want to inspire people all over the world with my writing skills. So you will get the following content on this website:-

  • Coding Projects
  • Programming Articles
  • Source Code
  • Cricket Analysis
  • and more…

Contact Me-

If you have any queries then you can reach me by email given below.

Email:- contact@neerajyadavdav.com