JavaScript A to Z Tutorial : Introduction and Definition

javascript tutorial introduction

Hey Geeks! If you have entered the web development industry, then you must have heard the name JavaScript. In today’s time, there will be hardly any website on the Internet that is not created using JavaScript. In this article the definition of JavaScript, why should you learn this web technology? This has been explained. This JavaScript tutorial is simple and easily understandable for a beginner.

Note: Before moving on to the tutorial to learn JavaScript, we believe that you must have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

What is JavaScript? Definition, Background

JavaScript is a web-centric programming language. Which is mostly used in creating user interactive websites and web apps. It is a lightweight but very powerful programming language. This is what works to bring life to a web page.

JavaScript is used when writing the HTML code of a web page. It is a scripting language, so the programs written in it are called scripts. You do not need an external compiler or interpreter to run it. JS is supported by all modern internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, etc. All these browsers have an inbuilt JavaScript engine, which provides the environment to run it on the client-side.

When the Internet started to emerge, websites needed a stable technology that could interact with the user on the front end. Then, in 1995, JavaScript was invented by Sir Brendan Eich. In the early days, its name was LiveScript, but due to the popularity of Java at that time it was named JavaScript. Since then it has gained a lot of fame among programmers around the world with the iconic name JavaScript.

Why is it important to learn JavaScript?

JavaScript has been a very popular programming language among programmers, so there can be 100+ reasons to learn it, but the main reason is the following, for which you must learn JavaScript. 

  • JavaScript is supported with almost every modern web browser, for which you do not need to install any external setup. That’s why all the websites on the Internet make use of JavaScript in their code development. If you want to see yourself as a web developer then you must have command over JavaScript.
  • As of now, there is no better technology than JavaScript to control the behavior of web pages, so this is the programmer’s first choice in the website development domain.
  • JavaScript is designed to work on both front-end and back-end so that you do not need to learn different programming languages.
  • Right now there is a high demand for JavaScript in the IT sector, if you are a good JavaScript programmer, then tech companies give you good salary packages. The average salary of a JavaScript programmer can be ₹3.5 LPA – ₹8LPA.
  • According to StackOverflow Developer Survey 2021, JavaScript has been the most popular programming language. It opens up new opportunities for you for Game Development, GUI Development, Mobile Apps Development, etc.
  • Every day some new programming technology comes into this world of technology, but JavaScript has been the most trusted language of programmers out of them all. Because it is being used for many years and its future looks very bright even further. Therefore it will not be easy for any other language to replace it.

Key Advantages of JavaScript

For programmers who want to enter the web development field, learning JavaScript should be the first choice. Below we are going to tell you some important advantages of JavaScript, which will make you more interested to learn it.

1. Save Server Load:

JavaScript can validate any particular part of the web page without reloading the web page. The page-load request does not go to the server again and again, due to which there is less load on the server.

2. Speed Up:

JavaScript does not ask for a separate environment like other programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc. It saves time by validating user data on the client-side itself. Because it is an interpreted language, it runs easily on the browser itself. It helps your web page to load fast.

3. Easy to Learn:

Learning JavaScript is very straightforward, JavaScript is easily integrated with HTML/CSS and becomes ready for development. So it is very easy to learn and use.

4. Completly Independent: 

If you work with programming languages, then you must know that many types of IDEs, compilers, programs setup, and installation have to be done in programming languages like Java, C++. But JavaScript is far from all these loopholes and provides the facility to a coder to directly write code and run it on the browser. No need to install outside stuff.

5. Powerful:

As easy as it is to use JavaScript, it is more powerful than that. In modern days, JavaScript supports many frameworks and libraries, so that you can create good projects in less time. Some of its famous frameworks are as follows- Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Ember.js, Node.js, etc.

Simple JavaScript Program

Now if you have understood JavaScript and some of its special benefits, then let us now lead you to a small JavaScript program so that your excitement remains during this tutorial.



<script language = "javascript" type = "text/javascript">

            document.write("Hello World!")



<p>This is My First JavaScript program</p>

Here you can see that we have written the code of JavaScript using <script> tag in the code of HTML. This will give you an overview of the programming style of JS.

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